By the end of the year, we announced you some changes for BrioLab. These transformations are now ready et we are going to tell you more about them now.

First, BrioLab provides now different services to simplify HR management inside organizations.


1.HR Consultancy

The first service we offer is soft HR consultancy. BrioLab provides advices in different areas like:

HR Consultancy

HR consultancy aims to improve HR management inside organizations and employees’ performances.

2. HR Digital Transformation Audit

HR Digital TransformationThe agency helps organizations to realize an audit of their specific needs for HR digital transformation. There are different steps we follow:

Company needs identification: it is important to analyze the situation of an organization to notice the development needs;

Action plan definition: we establish the different actions to implement for carrying out the HR activities transformation;

Customer Implementation Design delivery: at the end of the audit, we provide a CID to allow the company to install and configure a talent management solution.

This audit will help the organization to jump into the digital age at its own pace, step by step. The BrioLab main goal is to support companies which want to digitalize their HR activities by automating processes and improving employees’ autonomy.

3. Talent Management Solution

BrioLab continues to offer a talent management solution to improve HR management inside organizations. It is mandatory to first go through HR Digital Transformation Audit to install and configure the BrioLab talent management solution.

Talent Management Solution

After the audit, if you choose to implement the solution, you can choose between two different options:

Configuration by the company: from CID delivered at the end of the audit, the organization can configure the talent management solution by itself;

Configuration by BrioLab: the agency can configure the talent management solution from CID and will also provide to the company a functional support and a training for the administrators of the solution.

The licenses for each user in the solution are activated for 1 year.

4. SME Start Pack

A start pack with a combination of different BrioLab services is available for SMEs which want to start their HR activities transformation. There are different levels in this pack:

  • Check-up: it is one hour discussion offered by BrioLab to discuss the different needs of the company, the difficulties it can meet…

  • HR digital transformation audit: this level will help the company to define its needs, the action plan for digital transformation and to receive a CID (cfr. supra);

  • Talent management solution: the third level is the configuration of the solution after the audit realized by BrioLab (cfr. supra);

  • HR consultancy: this service is in option with each level of the start pack.

Start Pack


5. Extending pack

The validity year of the licences is 1 year. At the end of the year, BrioLab and the company organize a meeting to debrief the previous year. Then, the company can choose to renew the current licenses, to add new ones or to restart the start pack if changes are needed (i.e. the company has other needs than one year ago).

We hope that these changes will help BrioLab to better support organizations in their HR digital transformation. Feel free to contact us to get a first check-up of your HR activities!

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