SME Pack

BrioLab offers a start pack to SMEs which want to digitalize their HR processes.

Start Pack

You can discover the different levels of the pack offered by BrioLab by watching the next video.

SME Start Pack from BrioLab on Vimeo.

After the first level, you can decline the offer for talent management solution installation and stop the pack or you can accept it and acquire the solution.

By installing the talent management solution, you can choose between two different options:

  • Standard configuration by the company: you configure the solution by yourself from Customer Implementation Design delivered by BrioLab;

  • Standard and advanced configuration by BrioLab: we help you to configure the solution from CID and provide you functional support and a training session for administrators of the solution.

At the end of the validity year of the pack, you can continue using BrioLab services thanks to the Extending pack or restart the Start Pack if you have new needs or that you want to modify the use of BrioLab services.


Extending pack

It contains different offers:

  • Licenses renewal (for 1 year);
  • Technical support;
  • Coaching.

You can add our service “HR Consultancy” to all of our levels.

Contact us to learn more about our SME start pack.