BrioLab Services

BrioLab provides different services dedicated to HR management in companies.

Our services are independent from each other. Nevertheless, a combination of our services are available in our start pack.



You are conscious of the need to start your digital transformation but you do not know how to start it? Choose the Digital Transformation Audit. This service will help you to identify the most important aspects you have to digitalize, to prioritize them, to understand the different impacts of the digitalization and the concrete actions you have to set.

Thanks to the Agile approach based on growth hacking, you will be quickly able to establish an action plan, to set the actions, to evaluate and rectify them if it is necessary. We can operate on all the company aspects according to your Business Model Canvas.

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Our main goal is to help companies to jump into the digital age by digitalizing HR activities. To launch the transformation, you can decide to install a talent management solution in your company. We can provide you this solution and support its configuration and initiation.

The first step is to create a Customer Implementation Design (CID). This document will help you to configure the talent management solution in your organization. It is realized by the company and the agency and contains all the information needed to implement the solution.

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Do you prefer to create the CID and implement the solution by yourself? Choose the Cloud pack!



BrioLab provides HR advice to organizations like:

  • Change management;
  • Talent management;
  • Skills management;
  • Experiences management;
  • Goal management;
  • Assessment management;
  • Coaching;

The main goal of theses advices is to help your company to improve HR management and employees’ performances inside the organization