Performance Management

Simply assessing your employees: annual assessment, 360° etc.

Performance management results in a customized assessment according to a predefined flow. The assessment is multi-topic (employee assessment, project evaluation, assessment of an event, 360°etc.) and its layout can be personalized.

Performance management is directly related to:
  • Skills management. The form, which is freely written, includes several questions for which a score is calculated. Considering that questions assess a skill, the score that is awarded may be saved in the employee’s skill profile.
  • Training management. Modules of training requests or assessments of training courses followed may be incorporated into the assessment. Information will be automatically transferred to the management of training sessions when the assessment is finalized.
  • Management of career development. Actions may be added at the start of the assessment. These will be automatically transferred to the employee’s development plan on completion of the assessment.


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