Talent Management

Easily and effectively managing employee’s potential and skills.

BrioLab’s talent management solution enables the company to easily and effectively manage the potential and skills of its employees, both overall and individually.

Many options are available:

  • Management of development potential;
  • Management of development plan;
  • Management of replacement plan;
  • Management of skills;
  • Management of training sessions;


Development Plan

Increasing an employee’s versatility contributes to his career development.

Each employee has skills to improve or develop.

The development plan increases an employee’s versatility, puts him more at ease and increases his confidence in daily tasks, while contributing to his career path. The managers can establish it, or directly the employee, in agreement with his hierarchy.

The development plan may be directly related to management changes and the replacement management.


  • An employee is tipped to be given a specific position. His development plan will therefore include areas in which he needs to specialise so as to have all the skills required for this new position.
  • As part of the company’s overall goal, all employees may follow language training.


Replacement management

Rapidly identifying and selecting the best candidate for a given position.

Following a departure in the company, which is either scheduled or not, you may need to find the best candidate for the new vacancy for either the short, medium or long term.

Thanks to replacement management, the HR department is capable of quickly and effectively identifying employees inside the company who are objectively potentially eligible for the specific function and this manually or by using the “Profile Matchup” tool.



Skills management

Your employees’ skills are valuable and should be identified and easily measured.

Talent management enables you to list and assess, as a percentage, the skills of employees, in order to firmly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each worker.
This information is directly related to the management of career development and replacement management.


Management of career development

The management of career development is necessary in both the short, medium and long term – both for employees and the company.

A continual improvement in the pool of skills within the company is required, particularly to offset employee departures that are either expected or unexpected, and promotions.

The management of career development enables employees to easily list their aspirations for professional development. At the same time, and based on specific criteria defined in advance, the company provides planned career development proposed for the employee concerned.
In this respect, the tool “Profile Matchup,” enables to identify the best potential candidates for specific positions.


Management of experiences

Identifying the experiences required and acquired by employees.

In order to have a comprehensive profile of each staff member and to improve talent management, it is important to describe and list the respective experiences.

Through a catalogue that details the different experiences that are deemed as appropriate, according to the specific needs related to the company’s core business, the employee sees his profile enhanced by experiences that he has acquired thanks to its current and past positions, for example. These experiences could allow an employee to access a position for which requires that kind of experiences.

Skills management may be directly related to the management of career development and replacement management.


Strengths and weaknesses

A clear summary of employee profiles.

The “Strengths & Weaknesses” function enables a summary to be written during specific HR meetings, about strengths and career development needs of the selected personnel. All assessments of an employee may be available for a desired period.

This information is directly related to the management of career development.


Career interviews

An outline of summaries of predefined and identical career interviews. Easy encoding and research.

Briolab has decided to present its career interviews in a single form. This enables you to write the report of a one-to-one on a single sheet, which is predefined and identical for all. The form has different sections, such as the reason for the interview, the position occupied, along with the employee’s career aspirations and mobility. On the other hand, you also can personalize your forms with your own fields to perfectly meet the needs of your company.

The “identical for all” aspect enables a standardisation and consistency in how to conduct interviews and present information.


Profile Matchup

A tool to link the right candidate at the right position.

The profile matchup is able to identify the ideal employee for a specific position in the company. The tool will cross the employees’ data with the skills and experiences required for the vacancy and suggest you the best candidate to occupy the job. Profile matchup can help you in decision-making process without making the decision instead of you.

It is directly linked to replacement management, the management of career development and job management.