Goal Management

Depending on your needs, identify and assess the objectives of your employees.

Briolab hence offers expert management of objectives.

The Briolab’ solution allows managing goals in different modes (basic or SMART, quantitative and/or qualitative, bonus and malus) that you can combine according to your needs.


“Basic” or “SMART” modes

With the “Basic” mode, a brief description, a weight and a score will be awarded to the chosen objective.
With the “SMART” mode, the goal set is more detailed and clearly defined. The time period in which it must be carried out and how to achieve the objective are also established.


Quantitative/Qualitative modes

Any target can be considered as quantitative or qualitative.
In general, a quantitative target is measurable (e.g. financial target), while a qualitative target is more related to employees (e.g. quality of manager).
Any quantitative or qualitative objective is assigned a rating. A ratio for distributing the final score of each category is defined according to the rules laid down by the company.


Bonus/malus Mode

This enables a benefit or a penalty to be granted on the final total or intermediate subtotals achieved by objectives.

Standard bonus can also be allowed for some employees. For example, each worker receives a 10% bonus for his first year in the company.



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