Training Management

Improving your employees’ skills

Following the development plan that the manager or the employee himself has established and/or defined, a series of training sessions may be requested or scheduled. Once the employee followed the training, he may evaluate it.


Training catalogue

The Briolab’solution also provides the possibility to create a training catalog. Thanks to this functionality, you can plan training sessions for you employees and they can register to a formation by themselves. Each training has a description and an agenda which allows you to plan different sessions.


Training requests

Training is requested by or for the employee. The company can list them in advance. The catalogue that is hence established may be updated continuously, according to current needs and opportunities.

It is also possible for the employee to ask a specific training which is not available in the catalogue. He has the possibility to ask it to the manager directly from the training management dashboard.


Training sessions management

An employee can register for a training. His manager will receive a notification and he has the possibility to accept or reject the application. If the training is public, each employee can register by himself. Furthermore, a manager can decide to register the employee for a specific training.

When the training session is confirmed and the employee is registred, the worker will receive an invitation to inform him about the details.


Training assessment

All training may be assessed by the employee who has benefited from it. An updated qualitative report about training dispensed to staff members is also available to HR managers.



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