Connected employees: how can your company adapt to these changing profiles?

Employees of a company are more and more connected to new technologies in both their personal and working lives. Organizations must adapt their working methods to ensure to stay competitive on the job market.


This topic dedicated to new HR challenges will be splitted in two different articles:

  • 1st: How can your company adapt to employees more and more connected?
  • 2nd: HR manager’s interview to explain us the new challenges of the sector.

Today, we are going to develop the first part of the subject.


The new challenge for HR department is to continue attracting and retaining talents inside the company. Nowadays, these talents expect much more from HR department than before like the access to HR services anywhere at any time. Employees are more and more flexible. The boundary between personal and professional lives blurs and the company has to take it into account.

Employees have new needs in terms of human resources management. We will give you some keys to adapt your policy on human resources management.


Real time services

You should make the HR services available in real time. We use to live in an era where the information have a limited lifespan. These information become quickly obsolete and everything is quicker than before. This is one of the reason why the organization should be flexible and easily adapted.


Use technologies known by employees

It is also important to adapt the HR tools to the technologies that the employees commonly use. If your collaborators are familiarized with a specific tool, do not try to change the habits overnight. They could be refractory to a sudden change.

If you want to introduce a new HR tool inside the company, it must be progressive. The tool should be really useful for the organization and you should let some time to your workers to acquaint themselves with the new technology.


Send relevant information

Do not send useless information to your employees. If the technology they use only provides them irrelevant news, they will not feel positive with the tool. Use digital media to forward them information which concern them and as personal as poss
ible. They will feel positive and interested by the services.

Information - Feedback

Give more feedback opportunities

You can also use the digital platforms to improve feedback from your workers. They will feel more involved in the HR process and it can improve their efficiency. Employees work more and more often on digital platforms and they need more feedback about their work than before. It could be relevant to give them this feedback directly on the platform where they use to work.


Use social networks

The best talents are already on social networks. To acquire and retain them, the company cannot ignore that point. Nowadays, companies which are not present on social networks are losing a huge part of their potential to attract and retain best talents. These platforms are also a way to create social cohesion within a group.


Do not forget interpersonal relationships

The company should nevertheless be careful with the use of digital platforms. The danger is to use these tools to the detriment of interpersonal relationships. It is still important to continue to meet each other, to exchange with his collaborators…


Simplify HR management of your companyLogo e-talent

HR tools, like e-talent management softwares, are enhanced tools which can allow you to simplify the HR management inside the company and make your team more effective. It will make the employees more interested in the company where they work and it will help them to become real actors of their career and not only spectators.

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