About Us

What is BrioLab?

BrioLab is a consulting agency specialized in HR digital transformation. BrioLab offers a comprehensive expertise to allow organizations to jump into the digital age at their own pace. They will benefit from support throughout the digitalization of their HR processes.


What are we doing?

BrioLab provides different services like soft HR consultancy (i.e. change management, talent management, skills management, careers management, coaching…) but also personal accompaniment for digital transformation of company HR activities and an e-Talent management solution to improve HR management in organizations.

The agency offers different start packs adapted to SMEs and their specific needs. They will help them to digitalize their HR activities by automating procedures and improving employees’ autonomy.


Our goal and values

Our main goal is to upgrade tools used by companies to manage their human resources. This is the reason why we created BrioLab which supports organizations which want to digitalize their HR activities.

Our main ambition is to make HR less complicated inside companies and improve information accessibility.


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