Why is digital transformation becoming a need for companies?

In a world more and more dominated by new technologies, companies have to transform their activities and to get them to evolve into an operating mode more digital.


In this article, we will explain why is digital transformation becoming a need for companies and also how the digitalization of the HR department can help them to improve their working methods.


Digital transformation as a need

These digital technologies are increasingly a part of our personal and professional lives. An organization which does not operate to a digital transformation of its business will soon be out of date and forgotten by its customers or being sidelined by its competitors. Moreover, a company which does not involve its employees in this change will not get their support and risks to fail its digital transformation. This is the reason why digital transformation could be hard for companies which have a strict pyramidal structure or which are compartmentalized.


Digitizing HR department

Digitizing a company does not only mean to sell its products and services online. The digitalization concerns all aspects of the business. This is a complete and complex process which consists to homogenize the working methods of the organization. If the HR department has an important role to play in this transformation to accompany changes, it is also important to transform this department to bring it closer to collaborators and their way of work.

A digitalization of the HR department will allow a company to save time and ease administrative procedures. Moreover, it is easier to get all the documents you need on a single platform than in different files and you will be able to reduce the costs (reducing use of paper, reducing labor costs…) You could digitize all the different aspects of HR department like training management, career interviews, employee’s development plan…

The transformation of the HR department is also the possibility to get easier feedback from your employees. A digital platform could allow them to easily interact with the HR manager and to be a consistent part of the HR process. This way of work will improve the HR management and have a positive impact on your employees.


Step-by-stepLogo e-talent

Of course, it is easier to make the digital transformation of your company gradually. A sudden change
could upset your employees who will be refractory to this digitalization. For example, a company can start digitizing career interviews before extending the project to all working methods. In this perspective, an evolutive e-talent management software would help you to start you digital transformation progressively. That kind of solution will allow you to activate a first module before activating the other ones you may need.

Nowadays, digital transformation is already a need for companies to survive and continue to grow. As Charles Darwin used to say:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

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