e-Talent Management Solution: why do you need a job catalog in your company?

Each company regardless of its size and business sector needs a complete inventory of the jobs that exist in the organization. This is the reason why we think that all companies need an e-Talent management software and especially a Job Management feature.


In this subject, we will develop two different articles:

  • 1st: Job Management: why do you need a job catalog for your organization?
  • 2nd: Profile Matchup Tool: how this BrioLab tool can help you to find the best candidate for a specific job?


Today, we are going to develop the job management module. In a next article, we will present you the profile matchup tool.


Job description

BrioLab will allow you to create the description of each job inside your organization. These descriptions will be available in a job catalog where you can create folders to organize the different sheets according to your needs.

A lot of information are available in a job description like its general description, its job category and requirements (skills and experiences needed), the potential candidates…

The sheet presents the number of employees who occupy the job and the number of forecasted ones. You can directly see if you need to recruit someone for this position or not.


Competencies and experiences

The HR manager can select all the skills and the experiences that are required for the position directly on its sheet. It will allow you to compare the employee’s competencies and experiences with the ones required for the job.


Employees and candidates

On the feature “Job Management”, you can see the employees who occupy the position and the compatibility score between employee’ skills and job requirements. It will indicates if your employee is the best candidate for the job.

A tab indicates the candidates for the job and their compatibility score with it. You will learn more about the compatibility score in the next article of this topic.


Discover the captures of the application: 

Now we have learned how to use the BrioLab’s job catalog efficiently, we are going to discover the different advantages of its use for your company.

Support HR managers

The solution will help you to make a decision but also to know the lack of competencies inside the organization. For example, if you notice that very few employees have the skill “Dutch”, you may organize a training to make sure they acquire this competency and solve a significant lack among your collaborators.


Identify best employees for the position

The job management module can also help you to make sure that employees who occupy a specific position are the best people for the work. For example, you can notice that an employee is overqualified for his current job and consider to give him a position more adapted to his skills.


Identify recruitment needs

Finally, if there is no employees inside the company who matches the position, you can organize an effective external recruitment because you already have all the information you need about the job to find the best candidate for your organization.

For all these reasons, we think that each company needs an e-Talent management solution to support and simplify HR management.


In this topic, we have seen how BrioLab can help your organization to better manage employees and especially their jobs. In the next article, we will learn how the profile matchup tool can help you to find the best candidate inside your organization for a specific position.


Learn more about the BrioLab feature “Job Management” by clicking here.
Learn more about the other modules of our e-Talent Management Solution by clicking here.
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