Manage your employees more effectively with the BrioLab development plan!

The BrioLab development plan is an action plan to reach the goals defined by managers for an employee or a group of employees. The development plan consists of two main parts that we will explain.


Personal development plan

The first one is the personal development plan. In this part, you will find the different actions defined between an employee and his manager. This component directly concerns the employee and the goals he has to reach to develop himself inside the organization.


Talent Team development plan

The second one is the Talent Team development plan. This section clusters the actions that the HR manager should set up to develop the talents of his team. This plan is not visible by the employee unlike the personal development plan.

For both parts, you can find the list of the actions to establish. For each of them, you can define:

  • The priority;
  • The goal to be achieved;
  • The action which will allow to reach the objective;
  • The employee concerned by the action;
  • The deadline of the target and its state.

Personal development plan


For Talent Team development plan, you can also define the category of the goal.

Talent Team development plan

How to define an effective development plan?

There are different steps to follow to define a development plan. First, you should identify the employee’ skills and the ones required for a specific job. BrioLab helps you to do this automatically thanks to the modules Talent Management and Job Management.

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Once it is done, you can easily define the gap between employee’ skills and the ones required to identify the training needs. Finally, these elements will help you to define your development plan.

An effective development plan will help managers and HR managers to develop talent inside the company and make sure that employees have the skills required to exercise their function.

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