Newsletter February 2018

We’ve been busy in BrioLab in February 2017…

1. White paper

This month, we have released a white paper about HR digital transformation in SMEs. We explain the context of this transformation, its issues, the elements which can restrain the companies to digitalize their activities and the reasons why they have to.

> Read our white paper now (in French)


2. Digital transformation of the companies

People talk more and more about digital transformation. Behind this expression, we find a lot of different concepts which are not always very clear for everyone. Finally, what is digital transformation exactly?

> Discover it by reading this article


3. HR (r)evolution

HR function has evolved a lot those past years. From personnel administration to strategic function, discover what are the last revolutions of the HR function in companies.

> Read our article about HR (r)evolution


The BrioLab’s Team

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