Newsletter October 2017

Let’s see what is new in BrioLab in October 2017…

1. BrioLab @Mind&Market Mons!

On 12th October, BrioLab was participating in the first Mind&Market forum at Mons. During this afternoon, we presented our company and its activities.

Mind&Market Mons

Next month, we will be at Mind&Market Luxembourg!


2. How can you reduce growing turnover of your company?

This month, BrioLab published an article about turnover inside organizations. This subject will help you to understand the causes of this turnover, give you some advices to reduce it and to improve the performance of your company.

Read our article to discover how you can reduce your turnover now!


3. What you need to know about change management

Change management is more and more used in companies. It is important to know the importance of accompanying the change when it happens. This article will explain you the benefits of change management for your organization.

> Read our article about change management now!


4. Subject: permanent coaching

We also released the first part of our subject “Permanent coaching”. This first article explains what is permanent coaching and how it can help your company to improve HR management. Next month, you will learn how BrioLab, the e-Talent management solution, can help you to establish permanent coaching inside your organization.

> Read the first article of our subject “Permanent coaching”

The BrioLab’s Team

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