Newsletter September 2017

A lot of things had happened in BrioLab in September 2017… 

1. BrioLab on Antipode radio!

This month, BrioLab answered Céline Squélart and Max Zimmerman’s questions on Antipode, the regional radio in Brabant Wallon. If you have missed the clips, you can listen to them now on our website or on our social networks pages. Learn more about BrioLab’s origins and characteristics!

Listen to BrioLab clips now!

2. User guide: General Administration

We have released the last component of BrioLab user guide. This documentation will help you to configure and start using BrioLab and its functionalities. The guide is mainly addressed to the administrators of the solution (HR managers) who have to customize the application to meet the business needs.

Read our user guide about general administration

Read the other components of our user guide


3. Performance evaluation: the opportunities for your company

We also published an article over performance management which will help you to evaluateyour employees effectively. In this article you will learn why and how you can assess your employees and pay attention to the important points you have to take in account before and during the evaluation.

> Read our article about performance evaluation now

 The BrioLab’s Team

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