Sector: Europe’s technology federation

Number of employees: 29

The functionalities currently employed:

  • Management of performance;
  • Management of talent;
  • Management of goals.

What is the primary mission of your organization?

We are a European-level federation that engages with EU policymakers on behalf of our membership, speaking for 29 national industry associations and 17 European sector associations. Our advocacy work addresses the broad spectrum of policy and regulatory issues that impact our companies, while our Partnership services provide support to a broader network of clients in the field.

What were your needs when you contacted BrioLab?

We needed a tool that facilitates the performance cycle.

What are the benefits of implementing the solution?

The tool provides a clear overview. It facilitates the management of objectives and the monitoring of the process. It saves time and, above all, it allows everything to be on one place and is easily accessible.

“BrioLab helped us to manage the rather administrative side of this process by facilitating the transactions.”

Valérie Duyckaerts – Human Capital Business Partner