Performance Evaluation: the opportunities for your company

Organizations regardless of their sizes need to assess their employees. There are a lot of ways to realize these evaluations, but it is important to pay attention to employees’ evaluations them to make them more effective and helpful for the company.

1.What is performance evaluation?

It is a complete process which will allow HR managers to assess the employees of the company. There are a lot of assessments you can use: annual assessment, 180°, 360°, project evaluation… You can choose one or more of them according to your company’s operations. Organizations often use annual assessment, we will talk more about this one in the article.

2. Why do we need to assess employees?


The main goal of the evaluation is to assess employees’ skills and define their development needs. Performance evaluation allows to consider the goals of the past year and to establish new ones for the next year.

To be effective, the evaluation should follow the company’s objectives. This assessment is also the opportunity for the organization to learn more about employee’ goals, his expectations and his prospects of advancement. It is also a special time to browse the trainings attended by the employees and to discuss subjects directly linked to the collaborator like his career development plan.

3. How to assess your employees?

Performance evaluation is often used by companies to solve a difficult situation inside the organizations. Under these conditions, employees can feel blamed or accused of being responsible for the bad results of the company. The evaluation should be used as a prevention and not as a resolution.

Moreover, the assessments are best received when they are presented as a way to help employees to develop their skills and themselves. To do this, they should feel involved in the evaluation process and not only endure it passively.


Finally, the procedure should be as transparent as possible. The collaborators should know each step of the process and feel in equality with their colleagues. The assessments should be objective and uniform for all employees. For example, you can define the measuring methods before the evaluation.

Employees’ assessments are more and more important for companies who want to develop and prosper in the current economic climate. Choose a performance evaluation system which allows you to be objective with all your employees and which is easy to use for everyone. Do not forget that annual assessment is a privileged moment to discuss with your collaborators and to take stock of the situation.

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