Permanent coaching: discover how BrioLab can help you to manage talents inside organizations

Last month, you discovered our article about permanent coaching and its possibilities in organizations. Today, in the second part of this subject, we will present you BrioLab permanent coaching and its advantages for your company.


BrioLab offers the possibility to manage employees’ talent effectively. The application clusters all the information you need to know about a specific employee to manage his talent like his strengths and development needs, his development plans, his skills, experiences… You can find all of them in BrioLab Talent Management module. Permanent coaching can be continuously updated, but you can also decide to capture the coaching at a specific moment to save the data of the period.


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Thanks to BrioLab, you can efficiently manage your employees’ skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, development plans… It also gives you a whole overview on an employee’ situation at a specific time. Permanent coaching will help you to identify talents inside your organization and to develop them to improve human resources management of your company. Moreover, it is easier to find a specific information or to compare different periods between them thanks to the timeline presentation.


BrioLab Timeline

BrioLab is an e-Talent Management solution which can allow you to digitalize HR management in your company. We wish to put the employee back to the center of HR preoccupations inside organizations.


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