Profile Matchup: simplify internal replacement inside companies

Easily identify the best candidate for a specific position thanks to BrioLab’s Profile Matchup Tool.

Last month, we presented the first article of the topic “Job Management”. This article explained the reasons why every company needs a complete inventory of all the positions that exist inside the organization.

> Read the first article of this topic: “E-Talent Management Solution: Why do you need a job catalog in your company?”
This article is the second one of the subject and will present the Profile Matchup Tool.

What is Profile Matchup Tool?

This functionality has been developed for the e-Talent management solution, BrioLab, to improve HR management inside companies. Its main goal is to place the right candidate at the right position.

The Profile Matchup Tool will automatically cross the data between the modules and identify the best candidate for a specific position according to his skills, experiences…


How does it work?

BrioLab is a suite of six independent and complementary modules. The Profile Matchup Tool will link the module “Talent Management” with the module “Job Management”.

In the first module, “Talent Management”, you will find a complete employees’ follow-up. For each one, you can indicate its skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses… You can also establish a development and succession plan for each employee.

Talent Management

The second module, “Job Management”, contains all the information about the different positions inside the company. For each of them, you can add a job description, the skills and experiences required, the employees who occupy the position and the potential candidates.

Job Management

Since BrioLab centralizes all the HR information on a single platform, the Profile Matchup Tool will help you to compare the employees’ skills and experiences with the ones required for the job.

Profile Matchup

A compatibility score will be calculated between the candidate and the job. Different tools like graphs, tables, scores… will help you to see the match between the candidate and the position.

It is also possible to compare several candidates to find the one who corresponds the best to the job.


The advantages

This functionality will help you to find the ideal candidate for a specific position and to save time because the process is automatic. The Profile Matchup Tool also simplifies internal replacement and help you to make the best decision for your company. Moreover, you can identify the candidate’s lack of skills or experiences and to address it if it is necessary to access a specific position.

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