How can permanent coaching improve HR management inside organizations ?

In companies, we hear more and more often about employees’ permanent coaching. This coaching, which is also called follow-up, is the opportunity for a HR manager to check an employee’ situation at any time. Let’s discover how the permanent coaching can improve HR management inside organizations.

The subject “permanent coaching” will be splitted into two parts:

  • This first article: “How can permanent coaching can improve HR management inside organization?” will provide the general background of the subject;

  • The second one will present you the permanent coaching in the BrioLab solution and will be available soon.


Sometimes, it is important to meet the collaborator to discuss about his current situation. That shows him that his manager is interested in his successes and developments inside the company. Moreover, it is the possibility to learn more about employee’s wishes, but also about the support and resources they need to develop his career in the organization.


Why you should attach importance to permanent coaching?

This practice is more and more present in current context. When a manager shows interest in his employees, it increase their motivation, their engagement but also their retention rate. A motivated employee is a more performant collaborator. It also contributes to build a strong relation between the employee and his HR manager which leads to more confidence and transparence in the processes.

A follow-up review allows the company to ensure that employee’s objectives are aligned with its own ones. If not, it is the opportunity to discuss with the employee about it. Finally, a permanent coaching will help the manager to learn more about his employees’ skills and to have a complete overview on the competencies available inside the organization.


How to succeed in permanent coaching?

To make the permanent coaching successful, it is important to get the employees involved in the process. They should be able to share information, needs, reflections,… with their manager but this one has to give them feedback. This kind of coaching is useless if the collaborators do not receive information from their follow-up.

The coaching should allow to review the last follow-up. It is important to discuss about it and to check the employee’s progress. You can also take this opportunity to discuss about employee’s career development plan and what he needs to achieve his goals.

Permanent coaching is a great opportunity for organization to improve their human resources management and to develop its talents.

Nevertheless, be careful not to confuse the follow-up review with a performance review, which is the moment where a manager assess the employee’s achievements.

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