Customer fields: customize your career interview forms

The BrioLab’s team has developed new possibilities to improve career interview management. These upgrades make the standard form more customizable to meet the specific needs of an organization.

The career interview form is unique and standard for all. It allows you to create a meeting report between an employee and a HR manager. The form is a good way to get better information and to manage career interviews.

The functionality already contains standard sections like the position of the employee, the type of function, the date when the interview takes place, the information about HR manager, the reason of the meeting, the wishes of the worker, the actions that must be undertaken… However, standard section may not be sufficient for any company that has some particular needs.

This is the reason why we decided to make improvements by adding open fields in the form that you can customize:
  •       4 free text fields;
  •       2 dates fields;
  •       2 checkbox fields.

From now on, you can choose the content of some fields to get the specific information you need from employees. Moreover, the checkbox fields can condition the visibility of other fields as you can see in the next example.

You can choose to use all the open fields or only some of them, you can use them separately or mixed them like we did in the example.

These new customizable fields ensure more freedom to companies in their career interview management and facilitate talent management inside the organization.


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