How could BrioLab help you to manage your objectives effectively?

An e-talent management software can help your company to improve its working methods. BrioLab will allow you to define effective objectives according to SMART mode and to set up a bonus wages policy.


In the previous articles of the topic “Management by objectives”:

  • We have seen the importance of using SMART mode to define objectives of your business. It will allow to reduce conflicts and discussion between the manager and his team because the targets are defined by both parts.

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  • Moreover, the second article explained us the advantages of building a bonus wages policy to grant the employees who achieve their goals. In this article, we will see how BrioLab could help you to set up these projects.

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This video will present you how could BrioLab help you to define SMART goals and a bonus wages policy by discovering the possibilities of the objective sheet.



Here is the pitch:


Define SMART goals

BrioLab allows you to establish SMART objectives. When you create a new goal, enable SMART mode to make your target more effective and understandable for everyone.

SMART goals


Manage the bonus granted to your employees or a group of them independently from their performance.  The bonus could be added to the final score (independant from the score) or multiplied (dependent from the score).

Score Dependance

Link the bonus granted to the employee’s performance

Grant a bonus directly in relation with the performance of the team. For each goal, define a correction which represents the bonus granted to the employees if they achieve the goal.




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