People Review

  • Create and develop a genuine talent pool from which you can draw upon rapidly.
  • Have available reliable indicators (key profession, degree of retention, overall performance).
  • Anticipate successions and the replacement plans.




From permanent coaching to an occasional discussion, the people review is the tool which enables you to establish your HR policy.

9 Boxes

9 Boxes is the ideal assistant for your people reviews. This management tool provides an objective view of the whole and enables, with total transparency, support to be provided for discussions on strengths and weaknesses, succession plans, potential highs and lows.


«A simple and visual tool to encourage dialogue between the HR and the managers concerning the talent pool.»

Job profiling

BrioLab enables you to inventory the existing jobs in your company, together with their descriptions and their specific requirements. On this basis you can cross-reference employee information to identify the best candidate for the specific position.

Profiling supports you and guides you through the decision-making process.


«Easily identify the candidates for a job’ »