Sector: Expertise centre

Number of employees: around 250

The functionalities currently employed:

  • Management of performance;
  • Management of talent;
  • Management of goals.

What is the primary mission of your organization?

Agoria is an expertise centre (Technology, Market, Lobbying, etc.) for its members in the technology sector.

What were your needs when you contacted BrioLab?

We had come to the conclusion that the HR processes were very rudimentary:

  • Performance management carried out on Excel files;
  • Difficulties in preserving/consulting the case history.
  • Complications in following up the finalisation of evaluations.
  • Etc.

We have decided to centralise all the HR processes on a single Odoo tool and to use BrioLab in the form of an extension in order to complete Odoo’s standard HR offer.

What are the benefits of implementing the solution?

Our employees now use uniformised processes and documents. The case history can be easily consulted and follows changes within the organisation. It is really a precious aid, and its value can be demonstrated on a daily basis.

“A perfect match between our needs and the solution provided by BrioLab.”

Ariane Vanthournhout – Human Capital Manager