What you need to know about change management

Companies are in constant evolution. The world is changing and organizations continually have to adapt to best suit these changes. Nevertheless, changement is complicated to establish inside them. This is the reason why they have to understand the importance of change management.

Change management is supporting transformations due to new projects inside companies. There is a link with the modification of usual practices. These changes are often necessary to remain competitive. The human factor is usually the leading reason for new projects implementations failures. Change management will allow organizations to help collaborators to accept the changes and reduce the release factors.

When a company tries to implement a change, it can encounter resistances from employees. This reaction is almost automatic to each new situation. The key to succeed is to build support for change.


How to make a success of change?

In change management, you have to:

  • Anticipate the potential risks linked to the change you try to set up;
  • Obtain the adherence from your collaborators;
  • Involve them in the change process;
  • Identify all the stakeholders to establish their profiles and adapt your communication to each of them.

The communication will allow you to help the employees to understand the change and to keep them informed of the progress. Indeed, you will have to communicate at every step of the project. The first people you have to inform are managers. If they accept the change, it will be easier to get it accepted by the whole collaborators. Moreover, it is better to encourage oral communication.


Change management concerns all levels of decision-making in the organization. You also have to ensure that the employees have the required knowledge to face the change. Finally, do no forget to establish a strong communication plan and to hardly prepare the change before its implementation.

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