Why do you need career development plan for your employees?

More and more often, employees need to develop their professional life. Nowadays, it is rare that people stay in the same company or occupy the same function over their whole career. This is why career development plan sare more frequent into companies than before.

What are career development plans?

These plans will identify employee’s needs and his career aspirations. A career development plan is the opportunity for him to develop himself inside the organization, make him happier and more effective in his work and will reduce organization turnover. Under these conditions, this tool is a win for both employees and employer.


How to set up a career development plan?

Ideally, the plan is discussed between the employee and his HR manager. The discussion will allow them to define the employees wishes and the skills required to develop his career. Once it is done, they can establish a career development plan.

To be effective, the plan should develop a timeframe and specify if it could be achievable in the short, middle or long term. Otherwise, this plan is not self-sufficient. A development plan should be set up to define the goals the employee has to achieve to develop his career.

For example, if an employee wishes to get a promotion inside his organization, he might need some trainings to acquire specific skills required for the new position. These trainings will be established in the employee development plan.


BrioLab career development


The e-Talent management solution, BrioLab, hence offers expert management of career development plan. In the Talent management module, you can define the employee’s career development plan and get a compatibility score between his skills and experiences and the ones required for the job. The Profile Matchup tool allows you to directly identify the gap between the employee and the function he wants to occupy.


Career development


Then, the employee’s personal development plan gives the possibility to the HR manager to list all the actions needed to allow the employee to develop himself inside the organization.


Personal Development plan


Moreover, the HR manager can establish a development plan for his team. The actions detailed in Talent Team development plan are not visible by the employees unlike the personal development plan.


Talent Team development plan


Employees currently need development opportunities to feel better and to stay inside their organization. Career development plan is an effective tool to get employees more effective and to reduce company turnover.

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